Kairos Singapore Holdings Pte Ltd




With more then 20 years of experience as boaters, we believe that our knowledge & wisdom of the local business &  social culture can be leveraged to help others.
We have a passion with a mission, to create sustainable business models that provides employment that is enviromentally friendly & yet provide innovative products for commerical use.
*Various similiar products have been found to have called by other names & our principals do not aknowledge that. Cients have the rights to ask for proof of distributorship & check if they are the manufacturers if in doubt.

 We are proud to be a Singapore Company that supplies across Asia & we welcome all enquiries from NGOs, Societies including Organizations or schools.

To be the leading Small Boats & Watercraft Specialist that is made of Polythelene & Inflatables in Asia








Maritime Security

Kairos Inflatables & Kairos Watercraft are Products of Singapore.

Our Products are designed for Floods, Rescue, Emergency & Leisure use.
We support active lifestyle and promote family bonding. We also aid in products that helps elevate those who suffer from natural disasters.
We can provide semi-customise inflatable products for various Commerical & Military applications.

Exclusive Brands that we also distribute includes Pioner Boats from Norway.

These Rotomould boats are double hull and are more flexible the Fibreglass boats.

The offer the shock reduction concept that most boats that size do not offer.