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With more then 30 years of experience as boaters, we believe that our knowledge & wisdom of the local business &  social culture can be leveraged to help others.
We have a passion with a mission, to create sustainable business models that provides employment that is enviromentally friendly & yet provide innovative products for commerical use.
We reserve the rights to all copyright photos & designs.
*Various similiar products have been found to have called by other names & our principals do not aknowledge that. Cients have the rights to ask for proof of distributorship & check if they are the manufacturers if in doubt.
No warranty will be issued & any injury is the user's responsibility if these are not from authorised dealers that we appoint. 
 We are proud to be a Singapore Company that supplies across Asia & we welcome all enquiries from NGOs, Societies including Organizations or schools.

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built for Floods & Rescue Use
Kairos Inflatables Co.
Kairos Inflatables & Products is based in Singapore. We have several exclusive distributor & dealership of  products & are also stockist with the most Inflatables in Singapore made in Dtex Pvc that is designed for Floods, Rescue, Emergency & Leisure use.
We support active lifestyle and promote family bonding witrh our innovative yet affordable products.
We can provide semi-customise inflatable products for various Commerical & Military applications.